December 19, 2016

Wayne State wins 2017 College Flu Vaccination Challenge for third straight year

For the third consecutive year, Wayne State University has won the statewide College and University Flu Vaccination Challenge for medium schools.

The Campus Health Center (CHC) at WSU ran the university’s flu challenge. CHC held regular walk-in days at the clinic and dozens of off-site flu clinics across campus to increase students’ accessibility to the flu shot and improve vaccination rates. They administered the shot to over 2,100 students from September to November 2016, and will continue to host flu clinics and vaccinate more students in the new year.

“The CHC team worked closely with various university partners to educate them about the benefits of prevention to keep our students from getting the flu and other illnesses,” said Ann Clifton, chief nursing officer at the Campus Health Center. “I’m proud of the CHC staff, WSU students and university partners who worked together to truly represent the Wayne State community and keep our students healthy.”

The flu vaccine is the number one way to prevent the flu, yet national estimates show that only 42.2 percent of Michiganders received their flu vaccine last year; only 12.2 percent of young adults received it, according to Michigan Care Improvement Registry data.

To address these low rates among young adults, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) partnered with Alana’s Foundation for the third consecutive year to host the College and University Flu Vaccination Challenge. The challenge was first implemented in the 2014-15 flu season as a friendly competition between schools to encourage increased flu vaccination rates.

“Winning a statewide competition that promotes flu vaccination among college students is a testament to the dedication our students have to live healthy lives. Winning for three straight years is an exciting accomplishment for the university,” said David Strauss, dean of students at Wayne State.

“Vaccinating against the flu keeps our students healthy and focused on their academic success."

Calvin College won for the small-sized schools and University of Michigan for the large. MDHHS and Alana’s Foundation will award the winning schools with Alana Yaksich Memorial traveling trophies during the Flu Advisory Board meeting in spring 2017.

“The flu season is unpredictable, and we should not underestimate the impact the virus can have on our health,” says Dr. Eden Wells, chief medical executive with MDHHS. “There is still plenty of time to benefit from vaccination coverage and to help keep your family healthy before flu activity increases.”

It is not too late to get vaccinated this flu season. Please visit CHC to get your late-season flu shot today. For more information about the flu in Michigan, visit

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