February 5, 1998

Biological sciences program renamed

The department of biological sciences announces the establishment of a new degree title.

The Plan C (non-thesis) Master of Science in Biological Sciences now will be called the Master of Arts in Biological Sciences. The Plan A (thesis required) master of science program will be remaining unchanged.

The change, approved by the Wayne State Board of Governors Jan. 30, was made so that the A and C formats would be more easily distinguishable by title.

Department officials say students pursuing the C plan generally do not intend to prepare for a research career, but frequently are augmenting their subject knowledge for medical or other health-related training, or for teaching careers. Both the M.A. and M.S. students still have the option of pursuing a doctoral degree.

The degree title change brings the department into conformance with practices of other departments in the College of Science.


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