February 1, 1998

Women sought for study on physical activity, nutrition

Metropolitan Detroit area women aged 40-70 are being sought to participate in a study of urban women's physical activity and exercise.

Weimo Zhu, assistant professor of health, physical education and recreation, says he is looking to investigate the patterns in physical activity and nutrition, perceived barriers to exercise and stages of exercise behaviors.

Zhu's study is involves a new type of technology called the Bod Pod, a machine that measures body composition using air displacement. The machine is believed to be the only one currently in use in Michigan.

Information from the study will used to examine the relationship between physical activity, nutrition and other behaviors to the risk of coronary heart disease. Zhu says he began the study because previous research on physical activity tended to exclude women, especially African American women, and that most measurement scales were geared toward male activities.

Zhu's study will include light-intensity household activities, which he says have been shown to be a critical part of women's physical activities.

Participants will be asked to answer questions on their physical activities and nutrition habits, as well as questions on use of alcohol and smoking. They also will be measured for waist-to-hip ratio and body composition using the latest available equipment. Involvement is voluntary and confidential.

To participate or for more information call Zhu at (313) 577-6219.


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Phone: (313) 577-2150

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