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MIKE WENDLAND: E-learning report says more tech skills needed

Technology columnist Mike Wendland dedicated his column to a Wayne State University research study on e-learning released last week. The 6-month-long study, authored by Tom Watkins , special assistant to the president at WSU and former superintendent of Michigan schools, includes 29 recommendations involving the incorporation of e-learning in Michigan K-12 schools. " Michigan cannot lead in the 21st Century without casting off the anchors of attitude, archaic laws and public policies and beliefs that bind us to 20th Century education models," says the report, which also suggests Michigan is losing it leadership role in e-learning because of state and federal budget cuts and a lack of political commitment. The recommendations were compiled after meetings with hundreds of school superintendents and administrators, technical leaders, teachers, business leaders and students. The report can be viewed online at
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Wayne State, LTU, LCC offer free tuition, housing to students at universities closed by Katrina

Wayne State University said last week it would offer a full tuition and housing waiver to students whose universities have been closed down by Hurricane Katrina. The offer applies only to students who have paid their tuition and housing for the fall semester in full. The university said two students taking advantage of the offer, Denetra Mack and Doctor Ashe, had just completed their first week of classes at Xavier University in New Orleans when they were ordered to evacuate at 3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 27. Mack is a junior chemistry major from Detroit , while Ashe is a junior psychology major from Detroit . They and 16 other undergraduate students from Xavier, Tulane and Loyola universities in New Orleans are now Wayne State University students. More at
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Katrina's Aftermath: Metro Detroit pitches in

College students who have paid their fall tuition at another school and were displaced by Hurricane Katrina can receive a full tuition waiver at Wayne State for the fall semester, according to Susan Zwieg, executive director of undergraduate admissions and financial aid. Students needing a place to live also will be given a free room in one of WSU's new residence halls. Those in need of financial aid will be given assistance in finding loans and grants, Zwieg added. About 25 students displaced by Katrina are expected on campus, including eight who have already enrolled. President Irvin D. Reid wants to do this as part of our humanitarian outreach," Zwieg noted. "We'll worry about how to pay for this later. A Web link is provided for more details at:

New Detroit data site a stunner

Kurt Metzger, research director for the Center for Urban Studies and director of the Michigan Metropolitan Information Center, helped introduce a new Web site Tuesday night that is designed to connect Detroit nonprofits and community organizations with funding sources. The site,, offers users greater online access to information on the latest demographic and research data and assists organizations in program development and in writing successful grant proposals. Metzger says the site will continue to grow and evolve as more data is added and will eventually expand beyond Detroit to the entire metropolitan area.
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Prenatal alcohol exposure has effects far beyond fetal alcohol syndrome

This article on fetal alcohol syndrome(FAS) and alcohol-related neurodevelopmental disorder(ARND) quotes a professor from Wayne State\'s School of Medicine. \"FAS is characterized by growth retardation, central nervous system impairment, and a distinctive pattern of craniofacial anomalies,\" said Sandra W. Jacobson, a professor in the department of psychiatry and behavioral neurosciences at Wayne State University School of Medicine, and first author of the study.\"ARND refers to nonsyndromal individuals with confirmed heavy prenatal alcohol exposure who exhibit measurable, but generally subtler neurobehavioral deficits than those seen with FAS. Whereas FAS is well established and easier to diagnose, it is not generally recognized that a child can be adversely affected by prenatal alcohol exposure without the characteristic facial features and growth deficits. Nonetheless, alcohol-exposed children with attention deficits or poor social judgment who lack the pattern of facial dysmorphic features may suffer from a similar set of problems that interfere with their academic and social performance.\"

Editorial: Michigan should put out the welcome mat for immigrants

A Detroit News editorial says Gov. Rick Snyder was right to say he hopes to boost immigration as part of his economic revitalization program for the state. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, via teleconference, also told the audience at the Wayne State University immigration conference that New York City lost only 1 percent of its jobs in the recent recession, compared to a national average of 6 percent. He attributed this fact to the many immigrants to his city. As he noted, \"Immigrants make jobs rather than take them.\"
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Wayne State University extends deadline for aid plan

Wayne State University has extended for two months the eligibility deadline for a temporary financial aid package designed to help students especially impacted from the down economy. The plan, announced in March and now with a deadline of June 30, instituted a one-time doubling of university financial aid to qualified full-time freshmen. Additionally, WSU announced this week that it is offering a 50% reduction in tuition for up to two classes per semester for two semesters to alumni or spouses of alumni who have lost a full-time job within six months of the time they enroll for classes.

MTU's Guisfredi earns GLIAC post-grad scholarship

Wayne State University baseball player Michael Wiseman is a recipient of the 2011 Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC) Postgraduate Scholarship. The honor, which awards each recipient $5,000 in aid to the graduate school of their choice, was voted on by the Faculty Athletic Representatives of the GLIAC member institutions. Wiseman led Wayne State with a .368 batting average (ninth in GLIAC) and a career-best 71 hits to lead the conference. A 2011 GLIAC Commissioner's Award winner, Wiseman graduated from the WSU Business School this spring with a 3.55 grade point average.